April 23, 2011

It is always/never too late

There will come a point when we'll find ourselves contented, satisfied and at peace. Undeniably, this is a result of a series of practices that eventually turned into a routine, a point when all our efforts to adjust will be nothing but an effortless familiarity. Although everything will seem permanent and constant, this particular state will link itself to an inevitable downfall. Once reached, we'll lose hold of the important things; they will slip and blend with the rest of the "constants" and only until a certain part of this framed picture is lost will we be thrown back to reality. 

Life is a series of episodes that we always strive to survive. Everyday is a challenge that we always try to win. However, just when we are capable enough to rise above the situation will we lose grip of those that really matter. Only when our routine is suddenly disrupted will we realize how important something is. At this point, we will find ourselves drowning in a never-ending well of regret.

I'm saying this because it is only when I started working did I realize how important school is. People close to me can attest my excitement; they know how eager I was to work. I was inspired to earn on my own and  the absence of homework and tests was overwhelming! I was thrilled by the idea of having complete control over my life, most importantly, my time. I was so excited that I decided to spend my summer in an internship program.

When i started working, i realized that these perks will just fall under a little compartment because the rest will be occupied by tremendous stress and pressure. After working for about a month, i found myself wanting to go back to school. I found myself craving for those tests and homework because despite the difficulty, these things are a lot easier to quell, especially because I am comforted by the idea of being surrounded by a bunch of fellow students who are learning the same thing. Also, school work, in general, exhibit a certain pattern that can be mastered to our advantage. True enough, It's a lot easier for students to find their formula to success because once work starts, you'll be dumbfounded at the things that you have to work on; you'll be surprised with how much things you have to master and above all these, your boss expects that you already know everything that there is to know. Unlike school, we are on our own. I can go on and on with their differences but more than anything, I'd like to point out the fact that things will change and before we could even regret taking school for granted, we should first realize that our happiest, easiest and most exciting experiences happen in school.

I'm lucky because before I could even regret trying to fast forward, I realized that I still have another year to treasure. I may have overlooked my previous years in college but i still have another one to do everything that i wish to do and work on the things that i wish to excel on.

Needless to say, the things that i experienced at work were at the expense of learning. Despite the pressure and the challenges, I end each day with a better understanding, a wider knowledge and a significant experience that cannot be taught solely within the four walls of our classroom.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Yvette! Good realization :)

Anonymous said...

"A better understanding, a wider knowledge and a significant experience that cannot be taught solely within the four walls of our classroom." - well said.

Yvette Espiritu said...